This season, Carmelo Anthony is having one of his worst seasons for the New York Knicks — and because of this, the Knicks are looking to trade him.

Anthony is averaging 22.7 points, 3.1 assists, and 6.1 rebounds per game. The Knicks obviously look towards him to lead the team, but to note that they’re currently in eleventh place might mean he’s underperformed as a leader.

The Knicks are trying to deal him off to another team, but where shall he go? These are the reported possibilities.

Yesterday, the Knicks reached-out to the Cleveland Cavaliers, proposing a potential swap of Carmelo for Kevin Love. The Cavaliers immediately declined the proposal, because they simply do not want to part with Love. At first thought you would think that the Cavaliers made the wrong decision, but the more you think about it , the more it makes sense.

Kevin Love is having a good season. He is the only player in the eastern conference averaging twenty-plus points and ten-plus rebounds, and is a large asset to the team. Also, the addition of Carmelo would make the Cavaliers have three offensively-based stars: Kyrie Irving, Lebron James, and them Carmelo.

That would completely destroy the chemistry.

But also, the Knicks reportedly reached out to the Los Angeles Clippers with a possible trade of Carmelo for sixth man Jamal Crawford, and either J.J. Reddick or Austin Rivers. This trade is possible because of Chris Paul’s strong friendship with Carmelo, and the fact that the Clippers are searching for the last piece to make them a serious championship contender.

A pro to this trade would be that Carmelo adds depth to the much-needed small forward position. Currently the Clippers have Luc Mbah a Moute and Paul Pierce as their small forwards and Carmelo could help bring them farther into the playoffs.

It was also reported that New York was able to speak with the Boston Celtics about a possible trade, but the chances of this happening are extremely thin. The acquisition of Carmelo most likely will not have much of an effect in the Celtics playoff-run, and the Celtics General Manager is very smart and conservative with the team, and is likely to decline. The pros of this trade-option would be that it might push them further in the playoffs, but more likely than not, Carmelo would disrupt the chemistry — more than he would actually help.

The Knicks want Carmelo out, but nobody simply seems to want him. But with his no-trade clause still around, he might not be headed anywhere.

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