Blake Griffin is one of the top rated power forwards currently in the NBA. He currently plays alongside stars Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan for the Los Angeles Clippers. Together, these three guys make the Clippers playoff contenders every year. But this offseason, both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin will become free agents. There hasn’t been much speculation about Chris Paul leaving LA but there has been a lot for Blake Griffin.

One of the teams that have been rumored to be in the mix for Griffin this offseason is the Oklahoma City Thunder. Joining the Thunder would be a great chance for Griffin to grow as a player. He would join star point guard Russell Westbrook and rising star center Steven Adams. The explosiveness and athleticism of Westbrook with the aggressiveness of both Adams and Griffin would make the Thunder a tough team to beat.

Not only would it be a good move for Blake Griffin’s basketball career but he was born and grew up in Oklahoma City, and most of his family still resides there. This would most likely make Griffin’s parents happy because most games they go to are Clippers at Thunder.

Many fans also want the move of Griffin to OKC. Fans were tweeting rapidly about it during the trade deadline and will be sure to start it up again in the offseason.

Yes, there are other rumors about Griffin possibly signing with different teams like the Lakers, Celtics, 76ers, and Nuggets. But the Thunder organization and fans have been looking forward to a potential move of Blake Griffin back home.  Also, many Thunder fans are fans of Oklahoma college basketball as well and when Blake Griffin played for the Oklahoma Sooners in college.

Blake Griffin’s career has had many highs and lows with the Clippers in LA. But, if Griffin chose the opportunity to go home to Oklahoma, his career would be more successful and he would be even rated higher than he is currently. For Blake, this is an opportunity.

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