This has been a horrific season for Dwyane Wade. After leaving the Heat due to frustrating contract negotiations with Pat Riley, he has struggled to fit in with the Bulls lineup. Even worse, he has already created bad relationships with most of the players on the team (especially point guard Rajon Rondo, who expressed his feelings about Wade publicly).

To cap off this terrible season, Wade fractured his elbow, and will be sidelined for the year. The battle for the 8th seed is tough in the East. So with Wade injured, the Bulls‘ luck has ran out.

On the other hand, the Miami Heat are tied with the Pistons for the last playoff spot.

After so many great years with the Heat, it would seem normal to think that Wade would consider returning to the team. Free Agency is coming around, and this might be his best option. Here are three reasons why Wade should return to Miami this off season.

Dion Waiters

Dion Waiters is the next Dwyane Wade (or at least he’s trying to be). Waiters is evolving into an amazing player this season with his clutch shots, improved shooting, and leadership this Heat team has needed. Waiters even said himself he wanted to learn from Wade how to be a star, which opens up a mentoring opportunity for Wade in Miami. If Waiters can learn many things, a player for the Heat’s future has arrived – as well as another hopeful run at a championship.

A Better Contract

Sure, Wade ended on bad terms with Riley. Maybe, just maybe he has forgiven him after Riley’s admittance to not paying him enough in the years of the big three. The Heat front office has learned from their mistakes, so if they offer a satisfactory contract, it’s due to be at least considered on it’s own.

Riley clearly wants a leader like Wade on the team to balance out the young talent — and it won’t be surprising if a huge payday is in store.


Before this season, the Heat were the only team Wade had played for. That’s why this transition has been so difficult. His jitters were shown when he returned to Miami, where the whole crowd was cheering for Wade and even gave him a standing ovation.

Wade has many memories with Miami, including three championships and several close relationships. If he goes back, he will be comfortable because he knows the environment. With his decision being made in free agency, it will be interesting to see what will happen.

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