Brace yourselves NBA fans, a new young talent is preparing to burst onto the scene in the upcoming NBA Draft, but what teams need to target this future All-Star? Well, here on, we may just have the answers.

Time and time again, the NBA has been flooded with so-called ‘hot prospects’ which often fizzle out after the player’s first career year, but yet, somehow, teams are still drawn to drafting these next-gen superstars, even though the successes of this method are few and far between. But don’t get Trae Young mixed up with these other so-called talents. He’s the real deal, and here’s why.

Young has been an absolute cheat code toΒ NCAA Basketball. He is accomplishing things that many coaches and players may have thought was just impossible for a small, offensively orientated kid entering the collegiate level. For one, his college numbers are mind-blowing. The Oklahoma Sooner is averaging a whopping 30 points, 4.3 assists, and 9.9 rebounds per game in just 16 games. Yes, that’s not a typo, you read that correctly. In just 16 games, Trae Young has played his brand of basketball to its fullest capability and there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that he is on NBA scouts’ list of must-have players, but which teams really need him, and, more importantly, why?

The Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks desperately need a quick offensive weapon like Young in their lineup. Though the Hawks haven’t necessarily looked bad from beyond the arc, they do possess currently one of the worst records in the NBA. They could use various weapons to create a powerful lineup that they could use to begin competing better in late-game and high pressure situations. The Hawks look very likely to take Young in the draft mainly because they are shaping up to have one of the best draft picks of the year. The Hawks, in all likelihood, will take Young and he should fit in right where they need him in Atlanta.

The Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic started the year out strong with an impressive season-opening run which led to many fans to feel as if this was going to be their year, after so many years of mediocrity. But with issues plaguing the group, the team descended into a downward spiral. With all of this negative play coming from the Magic, drafting a young shooter like Trae Young wouldn’t be the worst option. If the season continues the way it has been for the Magic, then they will likely receive a top-three draft pick and will have a good shot at grabbing the young shooter early.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers don’t seem to be having a bad season thus far. Though they don’t have the best record in the NBA, they do have young talent surrounding veterans which can always make for an ideal situation. But one thing the Lakers have struggled on is shooting from behind the arc. This season, the Lakers are currently shooting about 32-percent from long range, which is one of the league’s worst percentages. With a quick offensive weapon like Trae Young in their lineup, the Lakers could do some real damage. With Lonzo Ball the obvious point guard of the future in Los Angeles, Ball could benefit in a backcourt with Young as an under-sized two who can shoot. The Lakers may have a chance at pocketing the 19-year-old, especially if their draft pick turns out to pay dividends, although they’re more likely to attempt to snatch a big.

All in all, Trae Young and his incredible offensive capabilities will help out any team at any time, but it is a matter of who can secure him first in the draft. With Young also being a dynamic passer, this will make his draft stock even higher. With all this talk of who will pick Young up and where he will be drafted at, one thing is for sure, GMs and scouts alike will be asking to have this kid on their draft day list for sure.

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