The Los Angeles Clippers seem to be moving into the rebuilding process starting by trading Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons. In return, the Pistons gave up Avery Bradley, Tobias Harris and Boban Marjonavic along with a protected first-round pick. A trade that seemed to come out of nowhere and was quite a surprise to the fans initially. Still, the fit is a little odd for Detroit, Griffin and Andre Drummond in the frontcourt will make for interesting viewing, but we will just have to wait and see how they can play together. As for the Clippers, it seems to be fairly clear how they want to move forward this season, finally blowing it up after years of near-misses.

Even though Chris Paul was traded this past off-season, this year’s Clippers squad was fairly similar to their last few seasons. Obviously less talented without Paul, Los Angeles seems to finally realize that the pieces they have are not making a playoff run. So what they have done and will continue to do is gain multiple assets for each of their stars. For Griffin, they received two fairly young starters (Harris and Bradley) as well as picks, and for Paul, they got seven players in return.

This strategy is different than what has become typical in “tanking”, something that has recently been looked at in a better light, because of the Philadelphia 76ers. The Clippers are taking a very different approach, trading their stars while they still have value for players that can keep them competitive, along with picks. This is something that many thought the Clippers would have done at this time last year but, they may have gotten more for Blake Griffin now that he is locked into a contract. With this move being made it is very unlikely that the Los Angeles Clippers are done making trades.

DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams are two players that are 100 percent on the block. Jordan has been the talk of trade rumors all season, so it should come as no surprise that he is being shopped especially after the Griffin move. The Clippers should be talking to the Cleveland Cavaliers about their rights to the Brooklyn Nets first-round pick in this upcoming draft. It is no secret that Cleveland needs a big man that can protect the rim, DeAndre Jordan is one of the best in the NBA at just that. The trade makes sense from both sides, but making the salaries match could be where this trade falls through. If that happens to be the case look for the Clippers to get multiple assets once again just like their last two trades.

Tobias Harris at this point looks to be tied with Williams for who the Clippers are going to be using as their first scoring option on offense. This season has been the best of his career, averaging 18 points and five rebounds per game. He could really end up benefiting from this trade the most, being in a place that lets him show what he is capable of. With him being the main piece in the Blake Griffin trade as far as the Pistons were concerned, it is assumed that the front office in LA really believes in him and will let him showcase his talent with a whole lot more usage.

Whether the next phase in Los Angeles is as successful as the previous is yet to be determined. However, they will for sure stay relevant even while flipping their roster. This could be the mold for future teams needed to rebuild, we will just have to see how it all plays out in LA.

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