The Cleveland Cavaliers are 2-5 in their last seven games, even though their top superstars still seem to be playing at a high-level.

Last night Cleveland lost 122-124 to the New Orleans Pelicans without Anthony Davis. Kyrie Irving scored 49, Kevin Love had 22 points and 16 rebounds, and LeBron James had a triple double. With the trio trying to do it all, LeBron has spoken out on what he thinks the team needs to do — in order to get back on track.

Shortly after the tweet above he took to twitter again and tweeted this.

(referring to repeating as champions)

By the looks of it, LeBron seems to be taking quite a shot at the Cavaliers’ front office. It is understandable that he is frustrated with the losing, and although twitter and post-game interviews may not be the ideal way to handle it, he does have a point.

The Cavaliers are in need of a backup point guard and possibly another veteran or two to come off the bench. With LeBron being 32 years of age, his mindset is clearly in “win-now” mode for the rest of his career, which means Cleveland should trade their younger players. They certainly don’t have the time to develop players such as Kay Felder and Jordan McRae. So why keep them on the roster if they aren’t getting minutes?

LeBron doesn’t have time to wait for these young players as he stated previously this season:

“My motivation is this ghost I’m chasing. That ghost played in Chicago.”

James is clearly referring to Michael Jordan, and if he wants to “catch” him, he must win it all this season — for most people to officially start the debate. It starts with adding more established veterans to play minutes down the stretch.

McRae and Felder are both very-young and have potential in this league, if they can go to teams that will develop them, they’ll become very quality guards in this league. As for the Cavs, because of that they should be able to get some good bench pieces for the two young players.

If the front-office is set on keeping their young players, they could still look in free agency for older players. Nate Robinson is still trying to get the Cavs to at least consider him for the backup point guard role, most recently taking to Instagram.

Whatever the Cavaliers decide to do, they should do it quick before James becomes too frustrated. James has turned that entire franchise around twice, and because of that the front office should do what he asks. He knows what he’s talking about.

This is someone who’s been to six-straight NBA finals and knows what it takes to win, if James doesn’t think his team has what it takes right now, changes need to be made as soon as possible.

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