Kyrie Irving has collaborated on a shoe with Kobe Bryant, so what does this mean? We are all aware that Irving looks up to Bryant, and therefore considers Bryant as a mentor.

It has been reported that after the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals, Irving face-timed Bryant in the locker room after Game 7.

What Irving collaborating on a shoe with Bryant means, is that Irving wants to be like his idol, to run a franchise all by himself. Bryant was known for being an assassin who could carry a team on his back, Irving is demanding a trade to try and follow a similar career path.

Kobe made it a personal obsession to win a championship without Shaquille O’Neal, and ultimately, he reached his goal not once, but twice. The real question that comes with Irving, is whether or not he can do the same without LeBron James.

As popular opinion suggests, it seems that Irving will stay put in Cleveland, he has the best scenario in the whole league. The best player on the planet, James, defers to Irving in the fourth quarter in regular season games, the playoffs, and even the NBA Finals. He has a chance to be remembered as the guy who hit the big time shots and sealed wins for his team, similar to the ultimate closer who was, Kobe.

If Kyrie was traded, he would probably never play in an NBA Finals again, of course Irving doesn’t believe that, he wants to have that “Mamba mentality”.

Irving is a top five point guard in the league, but since the Golden State Warriors and Kevin Durant ruined the infrastructure of the NBA, the only way to compete for championships is to load up on talent. And if Irving was to leave, he kisses playing in the Finals goodbye, at least for the foreseeable future, anyway.

Irving and James need to have a sit down meeting, and discuss where they can go from here, because at the end of the day, winning is all that matters, and the Cavs give Irving the best chance to compete for championships.

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