What are the New York Knicks going to do? There have been many rumors about a Carmelo Anthony trade, but nothing has happened. We all know that this Knicks “superteam” is not as good as most people thought they would be. New York is sitting outside of the playoff picture, and are also one of the oldest and most injured teams in the NBA. What is the plan?

Trade Melo

The Knicks flat out need to trade Carmelo Anthony. He has a no trade clause in his contract, but has said he is willing to waive it to move to a contending team.

Top teams, such as the Cavaliers and the Clippers, are focusing on winning an NBA championship right now, not years in the future. They would give up top draft picks to get a star player that would help them win the Finals. It’s time that the Knicks realize it’s too late for them to win a championship with Melo, and trade him away.

Get Rid Of Derrick Rose

Rose is very injury prone, as everybody knows, and he’s just not a star point guard anymore. This is the last year on his contract, and he is making over 21 million dollars, the 21st largest contract in the NBA currently. He’s not a star player, and he’s making star player money. It’s crazy. Let him walk in free agency next year, and spend money towards signing young talent and proven veterans to mentor the young players.

Get Rid Of Joakim Noah

At this point, you’re thinking to yourself, “this guy is crazy; what would the Knicks have without those three players?” Well, they would have a future. Right now, I see nothing but expired players who may have won a title five years ago. Probably not even then. Nobody knows what New York was thinking last offseason; signing not just one but two outdated players to large contracts.

Not only is Rose being way overpaid, but they are paying 18 million dollars for the next four seasons to an average center who is injury prone. Trade Melo, trade Joakim Noah, work on the future. It’s simple.

Turn Kristaps Into The Face Of The Franchise

Almost all teams have a player that everybody thinks of when they hear the name of the team. For the Warriors, it’s Steph Curry, and now also Kevin Durant. For the Rockets, it’s James Harden. For the Thunder, it’s Russel Westbrook. This list could go on for almost every team in the NBA.

When you hear the name “New York Knicks”, you probably think of Carmelo Anthony. New York needs to change this. His time has passed. Kristaps Porzingis is one of the most electric young players in the NBA. Now they have to make him the face of their franchise.

Face The Facts

For most fans, the idea of waiting another few years for a chance in the playoffs is depressing. But that’s the way it’s going to have to be. If the management of the team keeps chasing fantasies, they will delay even more the inevitable period of time before the make any noise in the NBA. Like Joel Embiid and the 76ers would say, Trust The Process. It’s time to rebuild, New York.

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