Danuel House is finally ready to make his return from a wrist injury, but it will come Delaware 87ers of the NBA D-League rather than the Washington Wizards. House has not played since Washington’s 105-94 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on November 11th, making this a great opportunity to prepare himself for when he is sent back to the Wizards.

Since Washington does not have the own D-League affiliate, they send players to play on different teams around the league. This causes a problem since they are not able to play with others who could join them on the Wizards, but it gives players a chance to play with others they may never again have the opportunity to play with.

After going undrafted out of Texas A&M, House signed a Summer League contract with the Wizards and played so well that he ultimately was rewarded with a roster spot. During his senior year of college, House averaged 15.6 points, 4.8 assists and 2.1 rebounds, a very impressive stat line the Wizards could use coming off the bench.

Sending House to the D-League will give him a lot more chances than what he would have had with the Wizards considering how well Otto Porter and Kelly Oubre are playing right now. Porter is shooting the lights out and Oubre is becoming the reliable bench scorer Washington needed, filling a void that House was once supposed to fill.

With House still recovering from his injury, playing for the 87ers will also allow him to make sure his body is back in shape before being inserted into Washington’s rotation. He would not want to come back unless he can play at his best, so playing in the D-League may have ever been the preferred route for this competitor.

When House returns to the Wizards, they will have a very reliable player off the bench who will bring a lot of energy and fight to the second unit. In college and in the Summer League, House was known for more than just his statistics; he was known for passion and a will to win. Washington is going to be very excited when House comes back much improved from his long absence.

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