The Golden State Warriors entered their 2017-2018 NBA season highly touted and many fans believed that the Dubs would start their season out strong and have several strong outings early. But the exact opposite has been the case as Golden State fell to their second defeat of the season on Saturday night against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Golden State Warriors

Top Performer: Stephen Curry

Turnovers: 17

Field Goals Made/Attempted: 33/84, 39.3%

Summary: The Warriors were full of problems ranging from shooting to foul trouble to even having Curry and Kevin Durant being thrown out of the game. All of these things considered, the Warriors have some work to do if they want to begin winning again. The root of much of their problems begin at the start of the games, they begin slowly, hardly scoring any points while the opposing team drops serious numbers on them. Then, later on in the game, they use all their energy and time to crawl back up, which leaves them with nothing left in the tank for the end of the game. Their shooting struggles were evident and the Warriors as a whole shot terrible. Curry’s performance should be noted as incredible as he finished with 37 points and three assists.

Memphis Grizzlies

Top Performer: Marc Gasol

Turnovers: 14

Field Goals Made/Attempted: 36/77, 46.7%

Summary: The Grizzlies had themselves a night against the Warriors and the win was well deserved. Behind an incredible performance by Marc Gasol, Memphis built themselves a big lead and seemingly kept it throughout the game. The Warriors had a hard time chasing down the red hot Grizzlies squad and they saw their task made easier with the ejection of both Curry and Durant. Gasol finished with 34 points and 14 rebounds, which makes him the Grizzlies top performer.

The Ejections: Steph Curry attempted a beautiful layup, in which he made, and believed he was fouled. Upon no call by the referee, the already frustrated Curry lashed out and threw his mouthpiece at the official resulting in his ejection, while Kevin Durant also exchanged words with the referees which led to his ejection.

Ultimately, the night ended with many frustrated Golden State fans and players, while Grizzlies fans and players rejoiced.

The Final Score: Warriors 101 – Grizzlies 111

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