The Golden State Warriors’ season has been somewhat of a rollercoaster. From blowouts to heart-wrenching losses, the team has seen it all, but no one expected Draymond Green and Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal to go at it on the court Friday night.

The altercation occurred in the last minute of the second quarter and resulted in both players being ejected. Beal and Green had both been competing for a rebound when the play ended and Beal hit Green in the face before wrapping his hands around his neck. Both players continued to battle it out and subsequently fell over, taking the fight to the floor with numerous players rushing to break up the altercation. Washington forward Markeiff Morris and guard Carrik Felix were both handed one-game suspensions based off the fact that they left their bench during the altercation.

Green spoke out after the game saying:

“I don’t know what I’m suppose to do if someone hits you in the face two times, man you’re taught as a kid to not allow that. What was I supposed to do?”

The league made the decision to fine both Green and Beal over the altercation, which came as a surprise to many. It was even reported that Beal said that he believed that he was going to be suspended. The league has handled this situation different then most, with Draymond Green being fined for “failure to disengage” after the initial hit.

After the Warriors’ 115-107 loss to the Detroit Pistons on Sunday night, the All-Star forward took to the press to voice his criticism of the league decisions on the subject, giving the following statement to reporters.

“It came as no surprise to me. I was naïve enough to think that the first tech (for obsessive argument over a foul) would get rescinded since I said it wasn’t my shoulder. But, silly me to think they’re going to take a tech from me. I was also naïve enough to think they’d say, you know, I got slapped, or whatever I got in the face then grabbed. I don’t know what else you’re suppose to do at that point. I didn’t even grab him and slam him. I grabbed him and held my ground, and then they slammed me on top of him. What did they say? I continued, or I failed to disengage? How do you disengage at that point? That sounds like we got him. I have never heard that before in my life.”

In the end, Beal was fined 50,000 dollars for his part in the altercation and Washington‘s Kelly Oubre Jr. was fined $15,000 for aggressively entering the altercation, with Draymond Green being fined $25,000 for failing to disengage during the altercation.

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