The Washington Wizards have many questions that will need answering, preferring in ways that will direct them to positive results. After suffering a tough Game 7 loss to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, it was clear they need to address one huge issue; their bench.

Washington didn’t have a bad bench in terms of individual talents, but they struggled to gel together offensively and their defense was less than desirable. The issue here is that the Wizards simply aren’t going to have the cap space to sign quality back-ups for their roster. The next best thing they can do is try to get low-costing veterans to weather the storm once the starters head to the bench, and it appears one veteran already sees himself fitting in with the ball club.

Greivis Vasquez is coming off an injury that sidelined him for the season after playing in just three games for the lowly Brooklyn Nets. The former Maryland product acknowledged the Wizards (like any other team) would need to see him healthy and in a position to help the team win.

The Wizards are currently a win-now squad but with limited cap, they present one of the more depressingly interesting situations in all the NBA. Should Vasquez be willing to take a pay-cut to play for his hometown team, the Wizards may have to bite. After all, they’re not in much of a situation to pick from the bunch.

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