NBA Free Agency is one of the most exciting and disappointing times to watch for NBA fans, and this year’s was no different.

Even before July 1st, the Los Angeles Clippers had traded Chris Paul, Paul George had exited the Indiana Pacers, the Chicago Bulls had traded Jimmy Butler, and the Atlanta Hawks had found a willing buyer for Dwight Howard. With all the excitement, someone was bound to score big in the upcoming free agency, and others where bound to fall short of their team’s hopes.


Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics have had possibly the best offseason of any NBA team thus far. After falling to the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals, the Celtics realized that they needed to bring in more firepower to take down Cleveland next year. They did just that with the signing of Gordon Hayward, obviously giving Isaiah Thomas a go-to weapon on the offensive end of the floor.

But the signings didn’t end there. Boston extended contracts to three foreign powerhouse players, all whom the Celtics are hoping will pan out to be good players as they are still in their youth. With the signings set in stone, these moves will set the Celtics on track for years to come.

Houston Rockets

After picking up Chris Paul in a blockbuster trade and signing James Harden to a record-breaking contract, it became clear that the Rockets were hunting the Golden State Warriors. With the various offensive weapons being brought in by Houston’s front office, they have quickly become a serious contender in the West.

With James Harden saying that he and the rest of the team are focused on competing for a championship, the Warriors should have quite a challenge dealing with this team. With the possibility of a trade for Carmelo Anthony, the sky is the limit for this Rockets team.

Golden State Warriors

With every team around the league trying to create a squad that can somehow match the Warriors’ line-up, the Warriors barely had to make any free agency moves at all. With the signing of Nick Young from the Lakers, they actually made their squad slightly better than before. With the West stacking up and creating more competition for Golden State, this free agency has been more than productive for the organization.

With the big four staying long term in Golden State, everyone is scrambling to compete with them, and for Golden State, this is the perfect position for them to be in.

Sacramento Kings

A name fans don’t often hear mentioned in the same conversation as winning at free agency, the Sacramento Kings, exploded onto the free agency scene by signing veterans George Hill, Zach Randolph, and Vince Carter. These key signings produce players that can make huge impacts in both leadership and scoring. Carter can bring experience to the table, being that he is the oldest active NBA player currently in the league. Randolph and Hill will also bring an offensive threat to a young core. With these signings, the Kings may be on the rise and fans can celebrate once again in Sacramento.


Cleveland Cavaliers

After losing the finals to the Golden State Warriors, the 2016 Champions were expected to make a large move to stay in contention with the super teams forming in the west. So far owner Dan Gilbert has signed Jose Calderon and low-balled an offer for the President of basketball operations job to Chauncey Billups.

If Cleveland is to keep up with the changing times of the NBA, then the organization needs to begin making moves immediately.

New York Knicks

After ridding the organization of Phil Jackson, the Knicks struggled to get back on their feet for free agency. With an urgent Carmelo Anthony ready to pack his bags and leave and a Kristaps Porzingis who seems to be showing no interest in staying, this is a worrying sight for fans and organization members alike.

The only real moves the Knicks have made in free agency was to sign Tim Hardaway JR. With an organization clearly struggling, it will take more time for New York to shake the last few years of constant spiral. The New York Knicks have done themselves very little favors this free agency and it will likely cost them in the long run.

Indiana Pacers

With Paul George exiting Indiana, the organization basically focused on finding a well rounded player to boost a relatively steady lineup. The Pacers have, so far, found several players to sign and boost their line-up, but after losing a superstar they were expected to make a large move to bring in a big time player. They have only brought in several middle-level players, not yet making up for the huge lose in Paul George. With a rebuild clearly based around Myles Turner, they are putting together an average team in the wake of a huge setback.

Utah Jazz

After losing superstar Gordon Hayward and Rumors swarming around Rodney Hood, the Utah Jazz are put in a bad position. Some may argue that they have made some good moves signing Sefolosha and others, but it still does not close the gap the Jazz are stuck in.  If the Jazz don’t play their cards right, they could be looking at becoming a bottom level team. If they can bring in more offensive weapons and all around experienced players, they can compete well, but at the current time, they are not quite there yet.

Atlanta Hawks

After the Atlanta Hawks finished the season losing to the Washington Wizards in game 6 of their first round matchup, changes needed to be made. But the changes made, like losing Paul Millsap, Dwight Howard, and Tim Hardaway JR, were not the changes that fans wanted to see. They have stripped several key players from their line-up and are likely to suffer in the regular season because of it. In this free agency, Atlanta have done themselves no favors and, in fact, have given up a lot of their core players. If Atlanta wants to have a chance this year, they will need to make a big move and fast.

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