When we think of the Warriors-Spurs rivalry, three reasons why we love this rivalry come to thought.

The first, being that Warriors coach Steve Kerr won two rings as a player for the Spurs. The second, is the fact that the Warriors use some of the Spurs set plays. The third reason is a lot like the third P in O.P.P. It’s not that simple.

We don’t know what makes this rivalry so entertaining. None of us do. But we eat it up every time they play. Whether it’s in the regular season or playoffs, this tale of two cities is unlike any other. On paper, this rivalry is completely one-sided. The Spurs have 105 wins against the Warriors. Golden State only have 56 wins against the Spurs.

But watching this rivalry is something else. As of recent, the Golden State Warriors have been dominant in this rivalry thanks to the splash brothers-Stephen Curry and allay Thompson. Curry has had some of his best games against the spurs. The 2013 playoffs were the beginning of the Steph Curry era in Golden State. The Spurs won that series but 3 years later the Warriors would win their first NBA championship since 1974.

The Spurs have lost a lot of players due to injury and retirement. The Spurs best big man, Tim Duncan recently retired. Tony Parker and Danny Green have not been performing the same. Since the 2013 season, Tony Parker’s average has gone down nine points. He went from scoring 20.3 points in 2013 to only scoring 11.0 points this season. As for Steph Curry his numbers have skyrocketed. He has gone from scoring 17.5 points in his rookie season, to becoming an MVP and NBA champion. Pretty good if you ask me.

But the Warriors seem to have a hold on this rivalry. And although the Spurs won the first meeting this season, things will change quickly. That was the fist game of the season. The Warriors were playing with a completely different lineup. It took them a while to get it figured out but when they did, there was no stopping them. Since that game the Warriors have gone 30-5 and are in first place in the western conference. The Spurs are second place. So could this be a western conference finals matchup? Only time will tell.

But as for now the two teams have no love lost.

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