As of right now, the Detroit Pistons are 16-21, and are sitting at the 12th seed in the Eastern Conference. Missing the playoffs would be a big letdown for the fans, due to the hype surrounding this team coming into the new season.

Last year, the Pistons went 44-38 and finished with the 8th seed, just barely getting into the playoffs. Detroit played the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round last year and were swept. This year, fans thought it might be different.

The story so far has been the exact opposite of what was expected. Offense has not come easily at all, although the defense has played very well. As of right now, Detroit has the 21st best offensive rating out of 30 teams, which is not where people expected them to be after a season in which they were in the top half of the NBA. Last year, the Pistons had the 13th best offensive rating. It is easy now to see why they have declined so much. The offense has got a lot worse, and the defense has practically stayed the same.

The starting roster is solid, but Detroit must make a trade to bolster their bench if they want to have a shot of making it into the postseason this year. They could use a backup power forward, as the rookie Henry Ellenson just is not going to get the job done quite yet. For a backup power forward, Kenneth Faried could be a nice fit in Detroit.

Faried is a solid player, but it seems that he will never be a star caliber player. He averages just over 9 points per game, but could serve as a great backup power forward to Jon Leuer. The Pistons could in a couple of years let John Leuer go to free agency so they do not have to overpay him while they enter Faried into the starting power forward position.

It seems like Henry Ellenson has all the intangibles to be at the least a solid player coming off the bench, that is, in a few years. He needs to develop his shooting touch some more before then. Trading for Faried would give Ellenson time to develop before Detroit asks more of him.

Detroit could probably get Faried for Stanley Johnson and a first-round draft pick. This doesn’t work out too well, because the shooting guard position is one of Denver’s stronger positions, but nobody wants to pass up on a young shooting guard or small forward who has a bright future.

Johnson isn’t happy at all with the situation in Detroit, as he has spoken publicly about his lack of playing time and his dislike for the head coach, Stan Van Gundy. This kind of trade would be beneficial to both teams, as Denver would be getting an athletic young player and a very valuable draft pick, and Detroit would be getting a player at the position they need to fill a gap in the roster.

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