I hopped on the phone and chatted with a co-founder for a new up and coming app for basketball players, called Rival. With no expectation heading into learning about the app, since myself and most basketball fans come across these pretty often. With that though, I was pleasantly surprised and can’t wait to hop on and test it out.

Here’s my conversation with Karan Amin, the founder of the new app:

Q:  How do you describe Rival to basketball fans? What value does it provide?


A: Rival is a mobile app that allows you to connect into competitive pick-up basketball games in your area. Too many times athletes show up to courts not knowing who is going to be there, what level of competition they might face, or what type of game they’re going to end up playing. We aim to end that uncertainty and allow athletes to optimize their playing experience.


Q: Why did you decide to start this?


A:  My partner/co-founder Jasjeet Virk and I have pretty much been playing pick-up hoops together since we were little kids. As we got older and life’s other commitments took over (school, work, etc) it became harder for us to get our friends to be available at the same time to play. One day Jasjeet and I showed up to a park on a normally packed evening, and there was no one to play with… That day we felt that we couldn’t be the only ones with this issue, and we thought of how cool it would be for there to be a platform that solves this very issue. Instead of thinking about it, we took action and Rival was born.


Q: What’s been the biggest obstacle so far & what have you done to overcome that?


A: Our biggest obstacle thus far has been getting people to realize that our product exists! When you are a new product in the AppStore it takes a very sound marketing strategy to spread the word and keep your target demographic informed. We solved this issue by getting involved at the grassroots level, partnering with local sports influencers, and enhancing our social media presence.


Q: What are you goals for next year?


A: Our main goal for the next year is to populate Rival with as many athletes as possible so that they can jump on the platform and have a vast network of players they can compete with. We really want to establish the community on the platform and drive that competitive nature into the app. We want to get involved with the basketball community, whether that means at the amateur, high school, college, or NBA level. Beyond that, we’ve been getting great feedback on our apparel from both celebrities and athletes! We want to take that to the next level and also turn Rival into a legitimate sports brand. Be on the lookout for some fresh gear very soon.


Q: What’s the end goal?


The end goal would be to have Rival be the premiere sports platform for athletes across multiple sports. We don’t just want to stick to basketball, we want to move into every sport. Eventually we’ll have a diverse community of athletes who are all challenging each other to the best in their area, and have a competitive sporting experience on demand.


Q: If you got to talk to the world for 20 seconds, what would you say?


If I had 20 seconds to talk to the world my message would be simple, don’t let anybody who doesn’t have the same vision as you tell you that your idea is too small and won’t amount to anything.  If you are passionate about something and are willing to make the sacrifices to turn your dreams into reality- do it.


In conclusion, I can’t wait to see what these guys are going to accomplish in 2018 and in years to come. You can find their app on the app store and start messing around with it today.

Their site is: https://www.findyourrival.com/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/rival.app/

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