The Boston Celtics have won their first NBA Draft Lottery since 1950 and will be able to choose any player they wish with the first pick in this year’s NBA Draft. Meanwhile, many other fans are feeling either furious, discouraged, or jubilant about their team’s success in this year’s lottery.

Let’s take a look at each team’s position in the lottery.

14. Miami Heat

13. Denver Nuggets

12. Detroit Pistons

11. Charlotte Hornets

10. Sacramento Kings

9. Dallas Mavericks

8. New York Knicks

7. Minnesota Timberwolves

6. Orlando Magic

5. Sacramento Kings

On the surface, the Sacramento Kings come out as one of the clear winners of this lottery, with two top-10 picks and a chance at redemption for their past failures as a franchise. While this is still a successful lottery result, the Kings lost a chance at a top three selection due to their pick swap with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Sacramento have a great chance to get their franchise rebuild on the right track with two solid, young players, and now it is up to their executives to not squander this opportunity.

4. Phoenix Suns

If you are a Phoenix Suns fan, don’t be too upset that your team didn’t make it into the top three. This draft has an extremely solid top five, and there is always a chance a top three prospect falls a spot to the Suns in fourth. Phoenix have a great chance to get a future All-Star forward in Josh Jackson or Jayson Tatum, or a franchise point guard in De’Aaron Fox.

With a little help in free agency, the Suns could be back on track in no time to being a playoff team led by breakout star Devin Booker.

3. Philadelphia 76ers

76ers fans have a reason to be giddy. With the pick swap with Sacramento, Philadelphia is sitting pretty with the number three pick. Even with the Sixers losing the rights to the Los Angeles Lakers pick since it was in the top three, their team’s future is so bright that if you stare at it directly it can blind you.

If Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball are taken in the first two picks, there is nobody better left than Kansas’ Jackson. Even without the outside shooting touch, Jackson is an all-round athletic freak who played extremely well in this year’s March Madness tournament. Jackson could be Philadelphia’s missing piece as their own rebuild nears completion and the Philly faithful begin to reap the reward of trusting the process.

2. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers take the cake for most exciting results this lottery. Lakers fans everywhere had sat with baited breath as they waited to find out if their pick would be in the top three, or if it would be sent to the 76ers. Once again, luck was on LA’s side in this year’s lottery.

They now have a clear path to taking California native Lonzo Ball, this draft’s most talked-about prospect. Even with the off-court issues surrounding Ball’s father, Lonzo’s talent should more than be enough to get him to where he clearly should be, which is a part of the Lakers franchise. Lonzo is an exciting point guard, a flashy yet extremely modest character who will fit in well with LA’s system as long as his dad’s non-stop antics don’t cause too much trouble.

1. Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics fans know only one thing; Daniel Ainge is a certified genius. He managed to pull not one, not two, but potentially three top 3 picks straight from the Brooklyn Nets (assuming the Nets 2018 pick is in the top three), and left them with three ageing players in return.

Boston is now the first team since 1982 to have the number one pick and also the best record in their conference, and their future is dazzling. As for who Boston should take with their pick, Fultz is the only clear answer. Even though the Celtics are a guard-heavy team, no player in this draft is close to Fultz’s talent. The Washington Huskies point is a clear franchise cornerstone and could take over the helm in the coming years as Boston’s star. For the fans, getting to watch their team steal a number one pick and then watching them in the Eastern Conference Finals is cause for celebration. Boston’s official twitter summed their night up best.

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