The Philadelphia 76ers have been one of the most interesting teams to watch so far this season, mainly because of their young stars in Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. What has made them even more fun to watch is the fact that they are finally competing in games, after so many years of mediocrity. One of the biggest reasons they have been doing so, rather surprisingly, is because of the play of Robert Covington.

Covington is the starting forward for the 76ers and has been playing extremely well to start the season. He has been averaging 15.4 points and five rebounds per game while shooting 47.2-percent from the floor and an astonishing 49.2-percent from the three-point line. His biggest improvement this season has been his efficiency, shooting 8-percent better from the field and 16-percent better from deep. This improvement has been extremely helpful to Philadelphia, who do not have very many three-point shooters aside from J.J Redick. With two great shooters in the starting five, suddenly their spacing makes them extremely hard to defend.

With Simmons now running the show in Philadelphia, it is no coincidence that Covington, along with a few other Sixers, have seen a jump in efficiency. Jerryd Bayless is currently having his best season shooting from the field he has ever had, to use just one example. Now, the 76ers are only nine games in but, Simmons has already proven that, despite his 6’10” frame, he is a point guard and one of the best passers in the NBA.

As for Covington, if he keeps knocking down threes at this rate the 76ers will undoubtedly make the playoffs. If he becomes inconsistent though it might be difficult for this team to win enough games for the eighth seed. He is their key to a successful season, but as long as Simmons continues to get Covington great looks like he has to start the season, he should keep hitting them. While staying near 50-percent from three-point range for an entire season is nearly unheard of, expect Covington to shoot closer a percentage in low 40’s going forward.

Robert Covington is having a breakout season and has been a very overlooked piece in this young 76ers squad. It seems as long as Simmons is around, Covington will be a very solid player in the NBA.

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