Every NBA fan can remember the dominance of the Miami Heat during the “Big Three” era of the team’s history. Accompanied by Chris Bosh and LeBron James, Dwyane Wade was able to lead his team in back-to-back championship wins before LeBron made his departure for Cleveland after the team didn’t win in the NBA Finals the following year. After years of going their separate ways, could a reunion be in store?

Earlier in his career, LeBron said that he would like to play on the same team as his best friends – Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul – and he may take a step towards that goal by getting his long time friend, Wade, to take his talents to Cleveland. In the ‘Wine and Gold Talk’ podcast hosted by Chris Fedor and Joe Vardon, they reported that LeBron’s camp thinks Wade will find his way to Cleveland sometime this season.

Some people may be wondering who Vardon thinks is in LeBron’s “camp”. Vardon says that the group consists of LeBron’s agent Rich Paul, his business manager Maverick Carter, his wife Savannah James, and confidant Adam Mendelsohn. With the Cavaliers organization in flux, it seems in LeBron’s best interests that a close group can advise him through the rough road.

Several stages would have to be completed before a reunion could happen in Cleveland. First, a buyout would have to take place. The Chicago Bulls seem to be heading for a complete rebuild within the next few years, and the future of Dwyane Wade on the Bulls seems bleak. As a result, the shooting guard is expected to be bought out of his deal within the next few months. If this were to happen it would push Wade one step closer to putting on a Cavaliers jersey.

On the court, Wade’s fit with the Cavaliers would be interesting to see. Several questions could be asked of his fit with the team, one of them being would Wade be comfortable coming off the bench? Though a lot would have to occur before Dwyane Wade and LeBron James could both put on Cavaliers Jerseys, it certainly could be a possible outcome this season.

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