The New York Knicks had a tumultuous 2016-2017 regular season, and now it seems that the circus act is going toΒ spill over into the off-season. Franchise cornerstone Kristaps Porzingis expressed his disdain with the organization by skipping the exit interviews with the front office and flying to his homeland of Latvia.

Porzingis did not explain why he skipped the interview but did say he would play for the national team without even running it by anyone in the Knicks front office. With all of the obvious frustration that has been expressed, Porzingis’ official Twitter account tweeted and then deleted a pretty non-subliminal message to make matters worse:

When asked about the tweet Porzingis said he was sleeping and there was no way it could have been him tweeting it, immediately stating his account was hacked. While some athletes have used the hacked excuse several times in the past to cover-up or excuse their dumb acts on social media, Porzingis really went the extra-mile to prove his point.

As you can see the 7-foot 3-inch center shared a post with his recently used emoji’s to prove that he never uses the particular smiley face offered up in the tweet. Twitter is said to be looking into the situation and a spokesperson close to Porzingis’ camp offered a statement this morning.

The following is from Ian Begley of ESPN:

“A representative for Kristaps Porzingis says that the New York Knicks forward was sleeping when a tweet about the LA Clippers was published on his Twitter account and that the account was apparently hacked.”

So while the ‘I was hacked’ excuse has been a fallback for athletes several times in the past it seems that Porzingis may actually be telling the truth. With the drama surrounding All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony, Phil Jackson seemingly forgetting how to run an NBA team, and owner James Dolan being well, James Dolan the Knicks may want to provide some stability which can all start around the 21-year-old center. With that being said it would be a good idea to keep him happy instead of his current state.

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