The Cleveland Cavaliers know that if they go back to the NBA Finals next year with a similar roster they will again lose to the Golden State Warriors. LeBron James is not getting any younger and their current roster seems to be at their potential.

During this crazy offseason that has already featured many trades, Indiana Pacers‘ superstar forward Paul George has been the center of attention. He recently told the Pacers front office that he would not re-sign with them next offseason and would prefer to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Obviously Indiana are going to try and trade him so they do not lose him for nothing, but it will be a hard task. Teams know that he will likely be a one-year rental, but the Cavaliers were willing to risk it and throw the best team they could at the Warriors next year. George is a great two-way player and is very versatile, so he could have fit in with the Cavaliers’ system.

They were also looking at the former Chicago Bulls superstar Jimmy Butler. Butler is also a great two-way player. He is one of the best defenders in the league and his offensive game has improved so much from his earlier years. He now averages nearly 24 points a game. He played mainly the three in Chicago last season after spending the first part of his career playing at shooting guard. He would have filled in some of the defensive holes in Cleveland’s struggling defense. However, having been moved to the Minnesota Timberwolves on draft night, the Cavs could only firmly set their sights on acquiring George but for some bad news.

For both of those players the Cavaliers were going to offer mainly Kevin Love and some other assets. Marc Stein reported Former Cavaliers’ GM, David Griffin was going to make a strong effort to bring Paul George or Jimmy Butler, but he and Cleveland’s front office parted ways with each other earlier this week. Brian Windhorst reported that the trade talks are now dead due to the fact that Cleveland did not impress the Pacers or Bulls with Kevin Love and other pieces.

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