The Phoenix Suns have traded forward P.J Tucker to the Toronto Raptors. In return, the Suns are acquiring forward Jared Sullinger and two 2nd round picks (2017 and 2018).

The Toronto Raptors have received a solid shooting wing to come off of their bench, who also plays terrific defense and also hustles for rebounds and loose balls. After just getting rid of Terrence Ross in a trade to pick up Serge Ibaka, Tucker is a quality replacement, and could prove to be a better fit for the team.

The Raptors did not have to give up much in this trade, with Jared Sullinger only playing in 11 games for the team this season. Also with Ibaka coming in Sully became expendable. Bringing in a capable wing player in Tucker for the 4th power forward on the depth chart and a few second round picks, is a great deal for Toronto.

The Raptors knew they needed to make a few moves, after being on the losing-end of more games than they would like as of late. They did a great job of adding two new pieces without giving up a whole lot, these two players will definitely improve Toronto’s defense going forward.

As for Phoenix, they acquire a couple of second round picks and Sullinger for an expiring contract in Tucker, who they did not want to re-sign. It is always a good idea to trade an expiring contract, rather than getting nothing for the player and letting them walk in free agency. The Suns are smart for doing so, even though they didn’t get a whole lot in return it was the right move.

Ryan McDonough GM of the Suns worked in the front office with the Boston Celtics, when Sullinger was drafted back in 2012. This could be why he went with this trade over any other potential offers on the table from other teams. Although this may just be a coincidence, because the Suns might buyout his contract along with Mike Scott, who was also just brought in via trade.

This is very beneficial for both teams, as the Raptors obtain a veteran to help off the bench, and the Suns get something for an expiring deal. How much exactly will P.J help the Raptors remains unknown, we will have to give him time to adjust and then look back on the trade. For now, this looks like a good move both ways.

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