The Miami Heat arguably have been the most surprising team this season. After star Dwyane Wade left in free agency this offseason to join his hometown Chicago Bulls, it seemed like the playoffs were going to now be a memory.

With Wade gone, the team now has an array of young talent, such as Justice Winslow and Tyler Johnson, and rising star Hassan Whiteside. Despite the odds being against them the Heat had a 13-game win streak and are now only 2 games out of playoff positioning.

Despite their impressive run, this current heat squad most likely will not make it to the playoffs, and even if they do, they will either be matched up with the number one seed Cleveland Cavaliers or number two seed Boston Celtics. If the Heat want to make it to the playoffs they need to make a change, they need to make a trade.

The Heats weakest position is the starting power forward spot. The Heat believe that it’s possible that Chris Bosh will never play again, so they to fill the open spot in the lineup. With Chris gone, Luke Babbit is starting for the Heat. You probably have never heard of him. This season he is averaging 4.4 points, 0.5 assists, and 2.1 rebounds per game. That is horrendous for an NBA starter. The Heat need a new power forward.

The Golden State Warriors have a power forward that though hasn’t said anything is thought to be unhappy with his team. Draymond Green has had repeated fights with new small forward Kevin Durant and seems unhappy with how often he gets the ball. Last season, Green averaged 14 points per game while this season he is barely averaging 10. The acquisition of Durant means he gets less touches and less opportunities to score. Green is a great player but it is difficult for him to show that when he is surrounded by super-stars.

The Heat should trade for Draymond to fill the spot that Chris has left. Draymond and Chris have similar play styles, so head coach Eric Spoelstra will only have to make minimal changes to plays. Draymond will fit in perfectly with the Heat’s play style and will definitely help them return to the playoffs.

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