A recent Summer League fixture has rendered a worrying sight for Philadelphia 76ers fans as their top draft pick Markelle Fultz was carried off the court by teammates as onlookers wondered how injuries could plague a team so heavily.

Philadelphia are no stranger to injuries, as last year’s top draft pick Ben Simmons missed the entirety of his ‘rookie’ season with a foot injury. Also, Joel Embiid, the number three draft pick in 2014, has played only 31 games in three seasons due to various issues, with all appearances coming last year before a knee injury.

After Fultz was rushed to the hospital to have x-rays, the diagnosis was clear; a sprained left ankle. Though these type of ‘minor’ injuries don’t usually keep players out too long, it seems as though the Sixers will keep Fultz out for the rest of the Summer League.

Earlier in the day, Fultz had signed his official contract with Philadelphia. With the organization bringing in talent such as J.J. Redick and Amir Johnson though free agency, the 76ers’ assets are lining up to aplomb right for the organization.

Though Fultz’s injury is not too serious, the team is not taking any chances and would like him to stay in the best shape possible. If all 76ers players can stay somewhat healthy, the team will perform admirably this coming season.

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