Four time NBA champion, two-time All-Star, two-time All-NBA team. Sixth Man of the Year and an All-Rookie team appearance. The achievements in the illustrious career of Manu Ginobili just seem to pile up on one another, one by one. With a resume that long and a 15-year career like his, everyone assumed that father time would have caught up to him and next year will be his final year as an NBA player. However, that is not the case, as the 40-year old inked a two-year, five million dollar deal with the San Antonio Spurs on Friday.

It is nearly unheard of to play for that long, as there have only ever been five players to play past the age of 42. When he does finish his career, he will be somewhere around the fifth spot in terms of oldest ever to play the game.

What is most impressive about this is his loyalty to his team. He has played 15 years in the NBA and they have all been with the Spurs. That kind of loyalty doesn’t happen nowadays, as most star players get traded or sign with different teams for the sake of money, a championship, or other reasons. That wasn’t the case a mere 20 years ago, but times have definitely changed. The best examples for that case, such as Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant, have all retired. So when Manu retires, that sort of loyalty may finally come to an end.

With all of that being said, Manu Ginobili has had an amazing career, long may it continue and it will be refreshing to see him in the Hall of Fame, where he belongs.

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