Impending free agent point guard Kyle Lowry, who has chosen to opt out of his contract with the Toronto Raptors, met with Head Coach Dwayne Casey and backcourt colleague DeMar DeRozan this past week in the Bay Area. The meaning of the meeting is unclear but everyone knows the Raptors are under pressure to sign the All-Star.

Lowry will certainty be a hot commodity this summer as it’s been kept quiet which teams are interested, but a player of his caliber won’t last long on the market.

Second-year wing Norman Powell reportedly flew up from Los Angeles to be involved in a move Casey explained would expose those guys to NBA Finals culture. DeRozan and Lowry were both very open – and blunt – in stating that the Raptors were not nearly good enough to compete with the Cleveland Cavaliers, including DeRozan offering $100 to anyone who could guard LeBron James.

It was obvious, not just from the regular season but from the Cavaliers sweep of Toronto in the second-round, just how far Toronto is from competing. Lowry also missed the majority of the series with a toe injury and was clearly not himself when he was playing.

After making the trade for forward Serge Ibaka at the deadline some thought it could push the Raptors to a second consecutive Eastern Conference Finals but it never meshed together on the court. While rumors have floated around that Ibaka is set to stay in Toronto, the question remains whether Lowry will stay as well.

The 30-year-old guard averaged 22.4 points, 7 assist and 4.8 rebounds per contest over 60 games this season. With him set to be a free-agency on July 1st, teams will be lined up for his services if a return to Toronto isn’t likely.

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