Jordan Clarkson is only 24 years old and just resigned with the Los Angeles Lakers this past off-season. That being said, is it time for a change in LA? And could Clarkson be on the move?

The Lakers should be looking to tank the rest of the year, because if they don’t finish with a top-3 pick in the NBA draft, it goes to the Philadelphia 76ers. The 2017 draft class has been one of the most hyped classes in recent years and with a high pick, the Lakers could find a future star to build around.

Now, Jordan Clarkson is a player that many teams would want whether they are rebuilding or looking to win now. Clarkson is only in his third year in the NBA and has proven to be a very good scorer off the bench, which is something a contending team may need. He also could develop into a better player than he already is if he sees starting minutes with a team.

The Lakers have only started Clarkson in three games this season after starting every game he played in last year. It doesn’t make a ton of sense because yes, bench scoring is important, but the Lakers have one of the worst starting lineups in the league in terms of scoring. Also, their leading scorer Louis Williams is coming off the bench as well. Having arguably your two best scorers coming off the bench is not exactly ideal.

Los Angeles clearly has not been using Jordan Clarkson to his full potential this season, so why keep him especially when he more than likely will have a good amount of value on the market and you need to lose. If the Lakers can add a possible lottery pick in the upcoming draft for Clarkson, it should be a done deal.

With Jordan Clarkson’s contract being on the cheaper side (12.5 million) with the new CBA being in place, many teams would look to acquire the guard. Even a team like the Cleveland Cavaliers could try and steal Clarkson from the Lakers before the deadline.

Jordan Clarkson will be at the very least a solid NBA player no matter where he goes, but he should not remain with the Lakers. If they are not going to start the kid in his third season over Nick “Swaggy P” Young, then get some value for him, whether that is in the matter of a draft pick or a player you want to utilize correctly.

If the Lakers end up wanting to move on from Clarkson, don’t expect a long wait because many teams will want this kid on their team. It is all up to the Lakers, but the best option would be to move him, maybe get another draft pick and continue to tank this season.

Clarkson will be able to flourish in any NBA uniform with the right opportunity. Los Angeles is not giving him that this season.

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