Lonzo Ball is continuing to attract media with the latest news that the Los Angeles Lakers may not take him with the second pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. This latest bout of infamy has caused fans of Ball to panic.

Lonzo has drawn unparalleled attention from the day he put on a jersey in UCLA. From his fathers’ continuous rants and apparent micromanagement to his unusual shooting form, Ball does carry a fair amount of risk to any organization on and off the court. For months, he has declined offers from teams in the lottery showing a commitment to the Laker organization while depressing his value if Los Angeles does indeed pass when the second pick arrives.

With an offensively promising young core, the Lakers may look to call on a more defensive player in the draft. The following is from Zach Buckley in his evaluation of Ball’s Pros and Cons:

“One player can only do so much to help stop the bleeding. Still, having a Josh Jackson to corral elite perimeter threats or a De’Aaron Fox to harass opposing point guards—like he did Ball in their Sweet 16 meeting—would be a start.

Having Ball, on the other hand, would just mean having an offense-first guard on a team that already has too many of them.”

Despite all this, Ball does show true promise coming into the NBA. With a keen ability to lead, he could be the missing puzzle piece the Lakers organization is looking for. Although Ball has shown a lack of athleticism and effort on defense, he still averaged nearly two steals, a block and six rebounds per game in college. His offensive talent is off the charts shooting 41-percent from beyond the arc with over seven assists.

Magic Johnson, Luke Walton and Jeanie Buss, along with many other Laker’s managerial figures have shown a true interest in Lonzo. Their long awaited workout will take place this upcoming week on June 7th.

All of the worries that Lonzo will not land in a Lakers jersey may be unwarranted. However, if there is any wavering commitment in Los Angeles, Lonzo Ball’s workout on Wednesday will either ensure his place as a Laker or open his draft night to the Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns or the Sacramento Kings.

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