The Los Angeles Clippers will reportedly go into the offseason with full intentions of bringing back both Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. These two have been teammates for the past five seasons in LA and as talented as both players are, they could not lead their team past the second round of the playoffs this season. For that reason it seems quite strange that they would want to bring them back, especially for maximum contracts. With that being said this does not mean the players will agree to sign back with the Clippers. If either of them want a shot at a title in the near future they should probably look at some other options.

The Clippers’ front office should probably look to keep one of the two players, but both doesn’t make a lot of sense. Clearly these two stars cannot win a championship together and if they both come back with max contracts the Clippers will have no money to improve their decaying roster.

Extending both Paul and Griffin would make them a fourth seed at best for the next few years. If the goal is a championship, having no financial flexibility is never a good thing. Especially for a franchise whose money is going to a 32-year-old Chris Paul and an injury prone Blake Griffin, as well as DeAndre Jordan who’s offensive game doesn’t stretch outside the paint. They need to change something, if the ownership can’t see it hopefully Griffin and Paul realize what a disappointment their run has been.

It’s fair to say that by now, Paul probably realises that he won’t be able to win a championship in Los Angeles. Paul’s options are exceedingly open at this point in time; his list of suitors in a better spot than the Clippers is endless. For example, Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs are a much better landing spot for the veteran guard if he’s looking to win. Kawhi Leonard is a much better player than Griffin to play alongside and he would act as a great successor to the ageing Tony Parker.

As for Griffin, he should also consider other options, but the Clippers should be one of them. As long as Paul leaves the power forward could look to stay in LA. He may want a chance to be the best player on the team and have the offense run through him. If Paul is not on the roster that would also free up some extra money to bring in a different star to pair with the All-Star forward.

Griffin can still succeed with the Clippers, just not alongside Chris Paul.

The Clippers’ front office may just be saying this so no drama is caused, but if they truly believe they should bring both stars back they should think again. Los Angeles will not improve for a few years if they bring the same core back. With all that being said, look for the Clippers’ roster to be much different next season despite what management says.

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