The undeniable face of the Big Baller Brand is  none other than the guy who has to go out there and play in the NBA this year. Not his outspoken father LaVar Ball, or his ‘celebrity’ younger brothers LiAngelo Ball and LaMelo Ball, but Los Angeles Lakers prodigy Lonzo Ball.

Ball’s father hyped his oldest son up like nothing we’ve ever seen, and so far, his son has delivered.

Lonzo is the one who has to deal with the media, who has a target on his back, and who works everyday to make sure he can back up his father’s talk. So far, all that pressure hasn’t phased the stoic Ball.

While the younger brothers were celebrities in high school, Lonzo Ball did not start getting this kind of attention until college, when his father really began to talk. The father’s talk is all a part of a marketing scheme, but of course critics came with that kind of strategy.

When LaVar said: “My son is better than Steph Curry,” or: “My son is the next Magic Johnson,” these types of deranged opinions did not sit well with some, the critics said he is putting unfair pressure on his son. On the other hand, some love the outlandish comments, feeling that he is only trying to show his son that the sky is the limit.

You get the feeling that the oldest son was pushed the hardest by the father, since the oldest child usually is held on a shorter leash. That could be a great thing, it may have given the oldest son a work ethic that his siblings lack. The privilege and celebrity-likeness of the Ball family today is something that may take away from the younger brothers’ work ethic and drive to be great basketball players.

LaMelo and LiAngelo have an advantage since their near-famous star has reached unnerving heights, so expect all both to be drafted based on hype and the fact that their one-and-done strategy works, but Lonzo will, without a doubt, turn out to be the most successful NBA player by a long shot.

The younger brothers seem only to be intrigued with offense, and do not play much defense. Which, on the NBA level, if you only do one thing well, you’ll be on the bench more often than not. They do not seem as driven or hungry as their eldest brother, they may feel entitled because of the fame they’re receiving,

To the naked eye it appears Lonzo plays with an all-around skill set. He passes, attacks the paint, shoots the three ball, has a mid-range game, and is quite an underrated defender. Ball blocked shots and stole the ball often in the NBA Summer League.

The Lakers rookie averaged a near triple-double in the NBA Summer League with 16 points, 7.7 rebounds, and 9.3 assists per game, which helped him on his way to claiming MVP honours for the tournament. While he shot a porous 38-percent from the field and an even worst 24-percent from three, Ball continued to look for his shot and of course some of his shots were way off, but for the most part they all were hitting rim and it appears the Laker point guard can score from anywhere on the court.

No other Ball brother has the God-given passing talent like Lonzo has, and they do not have the work ethic or hunger like the eldest has.

Even if it’s just Summer League, Ball showed he is going to be something special and will bring LA back to relevance, just like his father said. Hall of Fame point guard, Magic Johnson, has previously said that “Lonzo Ball has greatness written all over him,” and you can’t help but agree.

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