The L.A. Lakers had their first NBA Summer League game against the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday night in a battle over which team was the best in their city. During this game all eyes were focused on one man, the number 2 pick in the 2017 Draft, Lonzo Ball. Ball did not show up in the way the Lakers needed him to, and the Clippers won 96-93 in overtime.

In his summer league debut Ball posted a dismal five points in 32 minutes. He shot two-for-fifteen from the field which equals a 13.5-percent field goal percentage. Lonzo also had a total of three turnovers. On the plus side, Lonzo lead his team with five assists and nabbed four rebounds. Lakers fans had some extremely strong reactions to this upsetting first game from the player who has been dubbed the future of their team, and many fans were quick to post their reactions to social media. As a result, ‘Lonzo’ was the #1 trending topic in the US on Twitter.

One major win for the Lakers during the game was the play of Brandon Ingram. Ingram played extremely well, gaining 25 points as well as three assists. Ingram shot 52.9-percent from the field, 39.4-percent better than Ball. Ingram played like the Lakers’ focal point of the future, stealing some of the spotlight away from Lonzo in his debut. Magic Johnson decided to sit Ingram out during the overtime period of Friday’s game for precautionary reasons but Ingram did not look to be hurt badly overall.

When looking at the summer league, it is necessary to take every outcome with a pinch of salt. Even though Lonzo didn’t perform well in his first game, he had a few good moments and could very well go on to be a great player for years to come. Many people are quick to overreact to the results of summer league games, and it should be clear that Ball was chosen at number two for a reason and that anything is possible for Lonzo’s future.

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