Tuesday night was special for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and for LeBron James. With a World Series game going on next door, the Cavs were finally getting their championship rings after winning the Finals in June. LeBron, after owner Dan Gilbert, staff members, the coaches and his fellow players, was the last one to get his ring; he also happened to get the loudest pop.

And then he spoke to the crowd, still moved, still emotional in the moment.

“At this point, if you’re not from here, live here, play here, dedicate yourself to Cleveland, then it makes no sense for you to live at this point — Cleveland against the world!,” James said.

The crowd ate it all up too. As much as it was the city’s night, the crowd seemed to know who to recognize. Everyone – even front office personnel no one in the crowd may have even known – was cheered when they got their ring. But not quite like LeBron

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