LeBron, Durant, and Melo Playing a Pickup Game is Mesmerizing

The NBA offseason really is a beautiful thing. Some incredible footage has surfaced featuring a few of the game’s biggest stars playing a pickup game together:

Yes, that is LeBron JamesKevin Durant, and Carmelo Anthony all balling out together on one court. Watching James and Anthony going back and and forth like that is pretty ridiculous. Combine that with Durant repeatedly nailing shots from deep and crossing up his poor defenders, and it adds up to one of the best offseason videos in quite some time.

This video is yet another layer to the infamous Hoodie Melo; Carmelo Anthony’s offseason alter-ego.

If Anthony can channel his inner Hoodie Melo/Olympics Melo for the regular season, the Knicks might actually sneak in to the postseason. He seems to have an entirely different array of moves with his infamous hoodie on, and seeing him lay those moves on King James means he can do it in-game, too.

Some of the best moments in that clip include: Durant’s ‘Shammgod’ roughly 18 seconds in, LeBron’s multiple violent dunks, and Melo knocking down any shot he wants to. If this video is a short preview for the upcoming NBA season, fans are in for a treat.