Recently, LaVar Ball making some sort of outlandish comment has become little more than a normal occurrence. First, it was calling his son Lonzo Ball better ‘than Steph Curry.’ Then it was saying that in his heyday he would ‘kill’ Michael Jordan one-on-one. Then it was valuing his clothing line Big Baller Brand at $1 billion. Then, it was selling his shoe, the ZO2’s at $495.

His most recent comment was saying that all of his sons (Lonzo, LiAngelo Ball, and LaMelo Ball) were all going to go one-and-done at UCLA and play for the Los Angeles Lakers. LaVar also recently stated in an interview with ESPN:

“All my boys are going to be one-and-done. LiAngelo is going to be one-and-done whether he’s good or bad. I’m going to put him in the draft, hope they don’t take him. Bring him into the Lakers as a free agent, let him wind up with his brother and watch how good they play together.” He also stated: “I’m going to do the same thing with Melo (LaMelo) and we get three of the Ball boys on the Lakers together, and we gonna go championship, championship, championship, championship, championship. You think I’m playing? You saw what they did in high school.”

It is true. The brothers played extraordinarily well at their high school in California, Chino Hills. Lonzo was the 2016 Number 4 recruit out of high school, and played just as phenomenally at UCLA. LiAngelo played amazing during the 2016-2017 high school season. LaMelo made national headlines when he scored 92 points in a high school basketball game.

However, the idea of just simply putting a player onto a certain team is preposterous. The NBA is a complex organization with draft picks, trades, and contract signings. One cannot simply choose which team he wants to play for, especially not an unproven rookie or second-year player.

Players like LeBron James or Kevin Durant are different. They are superstars, and have the choice of pretty much every team in the league, because most teams in the league are willing to offer contracts to those players. LiAngelo Ball, however, is simply a player who has not played to the level of his eldest brother, with Lonzo being a five-star recruit and LiAngelo being a three-star, and certainly not being anywhere on the same planet as LeBron or KD, and especially only being the #41 rated small forward.

These players are unproven and if they do turn into superstars, then kudos to them, they get their choice on whom to play for. But the absurd idea that you can just say ‘I want to play for this team, so I’m going to play for them,’ is ignorant, and simply not how it works. LiAngelo will likely go one-and-done at UCLA regardless, and will end up in the NBA by 2019. Lonzo is soon to be in the league, and LiAngelo will follow after him. In a couple of years when LaMelo gets drafted and all three Ball brothers are in the league, the LaVar Ball boisterous comments will be at an all-time high. So let’s enjoy the years before that happens.

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