It’s been several weeks since LaVar Ball and his company, the Big Baller Brand, have made any news. But that streak ended Thursday when the company announced that LaMelo Ball would be granted his own shoe, the MB1.

LaMelo, 16, is the youngest of the Ball brothers who have become insatiably famous, both because of their spectacular play on the court and their outspoken father, LaVar. With LaMelo’s new footwear to hit the open market later this year, this makes him the first high school basketball prospect to ever have a signature shoe.

LaMelo’s shoe, the MB1, is a low-cut shoe featuring a two-tone woven textile with a camouflaged one-piece knit upper. The red heel, black upper and shoe tongue is all made with suede material. Upon LaMelo’s request, the tongue has a distinctively thin layer, which he claims will give him more freedom and less weight around his ankles. Big Baller Brand has also announced that later in the year, the MB1s will have new colorways available for sale.

The 6-foot-3 guard has become a household name as has his brothers, Lonzo Ball, who recently was selected by the Los Angeles Lakers at number 2 in the draft and LiAngelo Ball, who is currently playing basketball at UCLA. He is known for his long-range three pointers, ankle-breaking moves, shooting off the dribble and his absurd 92-point performance last season. LaMelo is currently ranked among the top-10 in the class of 2019 and has been reportedly working on designing the shoe and his personal logo since March.

As soon as LaVar and his brand announced LaMelo’s new shoe they were met with mixed emotions. Some fans praised the young 16-year-old and BBB for changing the landscape of the shoe game, while others feel as though it’s too early in his career for him to be granted this milestone.

According to California High School Athletics, as long as LaMelo doesn’t use his shoe to represent his school, Chino Hills, in anyway, he will be doing nothing illegal. But the shoe deal may cost him his chance to play at UCLA since the NCAA states that any player who appears in an ad or receives an endorsement before college may have his eligibility revoked. When asked about the shoe deal possibly affecting his son’s college career Lavar Ball said, “Who cares.”

With the NCAA yet to make an official statement about whether or not the shoe will affect LaMelo’s career, it is clearly still being debated by the organization.

Like it or not, LaMelo Ball has got his own signature shoe, which will go on the market to buyers later this year with a price tag of about $395. With Big Baller Brand making more moves in the shoe game, it seems only a short time before they include LiAngelo in a deal, clearly waiting for him to be finished at UCLA as to avoid the NCAA rule threatening LaMelo. With the sports world in shock and Big Baller Brand in the news once again, this is where LaVar and his family shine brightest.

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