In the weeks leading up to the NBA Draft, lots of things have happened. Firstly, the Eastern Conference top-seeded Boston Celtics received the first overall pick in the draft. Players met and had workouts with different teams, while other players, such as Markelle Fultz, only worked out with one team.

More people have been concerned that projected top-3 pick Lonzo Ball will be a challenge to handle, such as when the Philadelphia 76ers Special Adviser Jerry Colangelo said the people around Ball are ‘challenging,’ most likely referring to Ball’s outspoken father, LaVar. The braggadocios father has given himself a pretty bad name around the NBA, boasting about ‘killing’ Michael Jordan one-on-one or stating that Lonzo is going to be better than Steph Curry.

Despite all that, the team that everyone has predicted most likely to draft Lonzo is the Ball family’s hometown team, the Los Angeles Lakers, who hold the second pick in the draft. Lonzo has stated publicly that he wishes to play in the purple and gold. He also played at UCLA, which is close to where the Lakers play. Everybody loves a hometown hero, such as LeBron James on the Cleveland Cavaliers or Derrick Rose on the Chicago Bulls. Lonzo would want to fill that role.

Everyone has been assuming that the Lakers will take Lonzo with the 2nd pick. But lately, there has been some controversy appearing. The Lakers have worked out with top prospects Josh Jackson and De’Aaron Fox, proposing a threat to Lonzo’s ability to play at Staples Center. The Lakers said a week ago that: “If the draft were today, we would not take him.”

And in the past few days, the Lakers have met with Lonzo multiple times, but are still not completely sure that he is a wrap for their pick. The fact that the Lakers used the Number 2 pick in 2015 to get a point guard, D’Angelo Russell, and also used the Number 2 pick in 2016 to select Duke small forward Brandon Ingram leaves the big-man position pretty hung out to dry.

The Lakers have young, budding star Julius Randle, but otherwise they really do not have depth at the center position. Unfortunately for the Lakers, there also is not much depth in the center position in this draft, at least not good enough to take over a star like Ball. Despite all the cons, Lonzo is not without his plentiful pros. He has a dagger jumpshot, and also has an amazing vertical jump. While LaVar Ball’s loud mouth might hurt his son, Lonzo, who is nowhere near as brash or outspoken as his father, will shrug it off and perform admirably in the NBA for years to come.

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