The Golden State Warriors had their five-game winning-streak snapped by the Sacramento Kings Saturday night in a 109-106 loss.

The Warriors still have the best record in the league though at 43-8.

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like a big deal. The Kings aren’t a great team and are fighting for the 8th seed in the Western Conference. It’s a long season in the NBA, and championship-level teams always find themselves losing a few games that they are expected to win.

The Warriors, however, don’t have much to worry about. At least not until the final seconds of the game, a fan took a video of Durant and Green getting into a heated discussion.

This obviously isn’t the first time these two players have gotten into it during a game. This happened in early-January, when the Warriors blew a 24-point lead to the Memphis Grizzles.

The argument from the Memphis game was because of an ill-advised shot by Durant. It was reported that the argument from the Kings game was because Durant only took 10 shots the entire time.

The Kevin Durant addition has such a huge impact. That is why Green is holding Durant to a higher standard. The Warriors gave up a lot of key players to sign Durant, thus he needs to be held accountable when he doesn’t do what he’s supposed to do.

It is a good thing that Green is holding Durant accountable. However, it is not good that they continue to get into heated arguments this deep into the season. A team contending for a championship should have everything figured out by this point. This could cause further problems as the season winds down.

The Warriors lost in the finals last year after being up 3-1. This included the greatest regular season record of all-time, 73-9. With Durant added to the mix, they are definitely solidified to come out of the West.

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