Washington Wizards swingman Kelly Oubre Jr. has been suspended for Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semi Finals on Sunday against the Boston Celtics. Oubre charged at Boston’s Kelly Olynyk after falling to the ground on an illegal screen to the head. That contact earned him a flagrant two foul, resulting in an ejection from the game.

Oubre said this about the incident to reporters:

“It was just reoccurring events,” Oubre said, speaking for the first time since the incident. “I’ve been hit in the head multiple times by the same person, you know. I’ve confronted [Olynyk] about it. But the last time it happened I felt pain in my head and my jaw. And I got up and I ran to him and I bumped him.” Via (The Washington Post- Ava Wallace)

That was not the only problem that happened during the game, there were eight technical fouls and three ejections between the two teams. It’s no secret that the Celtics and Wizards have a lot of bad blood between them, and it seems every game has some chirpiness in it.

The 21-year-old was ejected early in the second quarter, but the Wizards were already up big and won the game 116-89 on Thursday night. The series is currently 2-1 in the Celtics favor, but the Wizards have the momentum going into game four. They have some players on the roster that can play a forward role, and having their backup defensive-minded center Ian Mahinmi back from his injury is a massive positive, too.

Washington spoke about matching the Celtics’ physicality in games one and two and thought if they were more physical, they would win. After the game, John Wall expressed that they still needed to keep their composure, and Bradley Beal talked to Kelly about the ejection.

“[Beal] told me, ‘You’re our best defender, we don’t need to you go out like that. Just take it and handle your business, we’ll hold it down for you,’” Oubre said. “And they did. Right now I’m really just focused on basketball. That’s in the past. I’m not going out there on the court and looking to maliciously hurt anybody, I’m just going out there to play hard. I’m sure he’s doing the same thing. What happened last night is definitely in the past, we’re focused on basketball, and I’ve learned my lesson. You know — don’t beeline anybody on the court.” Via (The Washington Post- Ava Wallace)

Olynyk did not say much after the game, just saying this about the shove by Oubre: “Yeah, man. I didn’t expect it.” Via (ESPN Chris Forsberg)


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