After acquiring DeMarcus Cousins on Sunday night, it appears the New Orleans Pelicans will not be looking into dealing starting point guard, Jrue Holiday.

Holiday is set to become an unrestricted free agent this summer, and some speculate he may be traded in order to get something back as opposed to seeing him walk this summer for nothing.

The acquisition of Cousins has somewhat put New Orleans in a ‘win-now’ mindset and it would be very unfortunate to see a hole at point guard come next season. Fans got excited and intrigued about the possibility of a Chris Paul return, but it seems he will be re-signing with the Los Angeles Clippers this summer.

It seems realistic that Holiday would re-sign with the Pelicans, but it remains to be seen how well this team will play after the All-Star break. There are expectations of making the playoffs now, and they are only 2.5 games behind the 8th-seeded Denver Nuggets.

There are even takes that the Pelicans could challenge the Golden State Warriors in a seven-game series.

It is hard to say from the outside looking in how much the team’s success after the break will impact the probability of re-signing Jrue Holiday. Making the playoffs should be a priority.

It is much easier to gain a player’s interest by winning. The problem is they haven’t been winning since acquiring Holiday prior to the 2013-2014 season. They have a record of 132-171 since that season, which is around only 43 percent.

Nonetheless, it seems apparent the Pelicans want to keep Jrue Holiday around after this season, regardless of the outcome. He is a tremendous talent and re-signing would be beneficial for both sides.

Holiday is still star-caliber and will cost far less than someone such as Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, or Kyle Lowry. He is still just 26 years of age, and should be considered in his prime.

If the reports are accurate about Holiday not being shopped around, that is a smart move. If there’s any indication of New Orleans entering a ‘win-now’ mode, the Cousins trade and this news of Holiday are certainly it.

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