For years, John Wall has been in the talks for one of the best point guard in the NBA, but he has gotten little-to-no media attention. With the Washington Wizards now sitting at the 3rd seed in the Eastern Conference with a 33-21 record, Wall is getting attention from the media all around the league.

In an interview with Hannah Storm on ESPN’s SportsCenter, Wall told Storm that he believed he was the best point guard in the NBA.

Wall’s comments are sure to get a lot of media attention and make some noise between other players around the league. When somebody makes a comment like this, another player is always bound to find a way to make a jab at them.

In the best season of his career thus far, Wall is averaging a double-double with 22.9 points, 10.6 assists, 4.4 rebounds, 2.1 steals and .5 blocks per game. Wall is the only point guard in the East averaging a double-double while both Russell Westbrook and James Harden are averaging a double-double in the Western Conference.

What makes Wall one of the NBA’s best is that he does everything on the court. He can score, make plays for teammates, defend of the other side and even create offense because of his defense. Wall doesn’t focus on the stats, but instead just focuses on doing all he can to help his team win games.

Wall’s confidence is a great sign for the point guard getting ready to participate in his 4th consecutive NBA All-Star Game. Washington is fighting for playoff positioning and they are going to need everything out of their star guard in order to stay away from having to face the Cleveland Cavaliers in order to reach the Eastern Conference Finals.

Whether or not John Wall is the best point guard in the league is up to the individual, but there is no denying that he has helped turn this Washington team around both since he was drafted and even throughout this season. Washington is going to be one of the league’s best teams for years to come while John Wall will be one of the best point guards for the remained of this time in the NBA.

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