Washington Wizards‘ superstar point guard John Wall just wrapped up a beyond excellent first round performance vs. the Atlanta Hawks. Wall dominated in all aspects of the game, while proving and making a real name for himself. His superb series stat-line will have Washington fans drooling. In six games the ‘Wall-Star’ averaged 29.5 points, 10.3 assists, 4.0 rebounds, 1.7 steals, shot 52.5-percent from the floor and 47.3-percent from three all in 38.7 minutes per game. It seemed as if he had a Sports Center top ten play every game.

Wall just came off playing against an up-and-coming point guard in Dennis Schroder and now will have the challenge against one of the premier players in the league, Isaiah Thomas. Wall loves the opportunity to play against these great guards.

“It’s always great to go against another great point guard,” Wall said. “I just went against another good one, a young player in Dennis Schroder that’s proving himself in this league and trying to get better. The first time ever having the keys to the team, he did a great job running that group.”

“Now you got a different matchup in Isaiah, who’s the head of their snake, one of the best scorers in this league.” Via (The Washington Post)

Now that the first round is over, these next few rounds are the ones everyone really pays attention to. The Wizards and Boston Celtics could be one of the better series in this year’s postseason. The lights will be blinding and everyone will be expecting the top seeded Celtics to beat the fourth seeded Wizards. Wall really elevates his game in the playoffs, and if he can do it in this series, it will most likely result in Washington coming out on top.

The Wizards and Celtics do not like each other, and it may be safe to say that they hate each other. Over the past few years the bad blood between the teams has risen and many games have consisted of flagrant fouls, technical fouls, a lot of trash talking, and a little fighting. This season they split the four-game series. In the third meeting the Wizards described the game as a funeral. The whole team showed up in all black and executed the funeral with the Wizards winning 123-108.

“It’s not a rivalry,” Wizards guard John Wall said. “This is the first time we’ve played them in the playoffs.”

“It’s basketball,” Wall’s backcourt mate Bradley Beal added. “We’re not fighting out here. We both play hard. We both are competitive. We both want to win … we’re going to keep it clean.” Via (The Washington Post)

A couple of weeks ago John Wall stated that he wanted to be on the top of the MVP list. If he continues to play like he did in the first round, that may become a reality. He has played with a chip on his shoulder and is playing his heart out for the city of D.C. Do not be surprised if all you are hearing about for the next few weeks is John Wall.

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