On Monday, the NBA announced the players of the week from January 16th through the 22nd.

San Antonio Spurs Forward Kawhi Leonard came away with the Western Conference Player Of The Week, and Philadephia 76ers rookie Joel Embiid won the honors for the Eastern Conference. Embiid becomes just the third Philadelphia 76ers rookie ever to win this award.

The other two were Michael Carter-Williams and of course, Sixers’ legend Allen Iverson.

Due to Embiid’s injury-history, he continues to be on a minutes’ restriction, and is still unable to play on any second-games of a back-to-back. He didn’t play in Saturday’s game against the Atlanta Hawks, and the Sixers resulted in a 17-point loss.

However, Embiid did play in the other three games last. The 22 year-old Center averaged 22 points, 10.3 rebounds, and 3.6 blocks in those three games, in which the Sixers went 3-0, including some crazy highlights.

Like this:


As well as this:


It’s clear to see that Joel Embiid’s impact on the the Sixers is unlatch. He’s led them to 15 wins so far, and it’s not even the All-Star break yet. The Sixers won just 10 games all last season. Since the start of the New Year the Sixers are 8-3, including two separate three game winning-streaks.

The Sixers are no longer a joke of the NBA like they were the last three seasons. Although, the likelihood of making the playoffs this year is a bit of a long shot. However, the future is looking bright for them, if they can just stay healthy.

Embiid had a rough start to his NBA career, missing two-consecutive seasons with a foot injury. However, maybe it worked out in the Sixers favor because they were able to secure a top-five pick in those seasons.

Ben Simmons was the number one pick in last year’s draft class, but still hasn’t played a game. He is set to return sometime soon. If Embiid can lead the Sixers to wins with players such as Robert Covington and Ersan Ilyasova getting tons of minutes, imagine how well they can play with him and Simmons on the floor together.

This is only the beginning for Embiid. He is a surefire winner for Rookie Of The Year award, and will earn many other awards during his career if it continues this.

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