Breakout rookie Joel Embiid has been well worth the wait for the Philadelphia 76ers. This season, he has been averaging 19 points per game and 7.3 rebounds per game. Drafted back in 2014, Embiid is looking to be contending for the ROY this year, but do you follow him on Twitter? Have you heard his interviews? If not, then you don’t know why he may be the most interesting man in the NBA.

Embiid has gotten more All-Star votes than anticipated and he wants to make his first appearance more than you would expect.

This famous girl has been rumoured to be singer Rihanna.

The 7’2 center has also expressed interest in playing some point guard.

If you watch Embiid you know that statement isn’t the craziest thing in the world and is actually a possibility later in his career. His decision making and skill set are almost equivalent to a point guard in this league.

Based on what Giannis Antetokounmpo, at his 6’11 stature, has done this year at point guard could possibly revolutionize the position. Embiid is a little taller standing at 7’2, but if he can do similar things to what Giannas is doing he could possibly be an outstanding player. With that being said, it is very unlikely Joel will ever get minutes at the point in the NBA, but if that is his goal you never know what could happen.

Embiid has also shown the media and his fans his humorous side multiple times even before he had started playing this season. He gave himself the nickname of “The Process” by constantly tweeting about “trust the process,” a phrase used by former 76ers GM Sam Hinkie.

Joel has liked to poke fun at his fellow NBA players over social media this season, especially Chandler Parsons. Embiid commented on Parson’s Instagram many times recently saying things like “I’m going to cook your a** tomorrow” (referring to a Grizzles and 76ers matchup the next day).

Joel is definitely a character and someone that the NBA should love having around for more than just his talent.

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