Jimmy Butler‘s name has been all over the trade wire as Thursday’s deadline nears with teams like the Boston Celtics keeping in contact with the Chicago Bulls. Even with all of the talk and rumors, Butler expects he will not be traded and will stay with the Bulls passed the trade deadline.

The following is from the Chicago Sun-Times.

“Basically the same message they’ve been delivering to Butler, who privately feels like he won’t be moved unless “something crazy happens’’ between now and the deadline.”

Boston will continue to work on a trade for Butler unless they are able to acquire Paul George from the Indiana Pacers as they look to tool themselves for a run at an NBA championship. To compete with the Cleveland Cavaliers to be the Eastern Conference champions, Boston knows they need to acquire another star to pair with Isaiah Thomas.

With DeMarcus Cousins now traded, Butler’s name is now at the top of lists for teams looking to make a deal at the trade deadline. This could lead teams to adding extra pieces to their offers, which could mean Chicago decides to pull the plug and make the trade.

With Butler locked into his contract until 2020, it is possible for Chicago to keep their star even if he is looking to move on from the franchise.

With the current roster, Chicago may look to move Butler even though they are currently holding the 7th seed with a 28-29 record. Without another star in his prime or a better bench, the Bulls are not close to being able to compete for an NBA title. Knowing this, they could choose to move Butler and look to rebuild for the future when they could compete for a championship.

It’s not really known if Butler wants to stay in Chicago and help the team he has been with his whole career to win a title, but if he truly expects to remain with the Bulls, he may end up disappointed. Now seems like the right time for Chicago to get the most they can for their shooting guard, which may mean Butler is about to be “surprised” with a move to another NBA city.

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