The Milwaukee Bucks continue to bang themselves up, as rising star forward Jabari Parker suffered his second torn ACL in two years. Parker, who appeared to have been on-pace for a “Most Improved Player” award nomination, suffers the ultimate setback.

Jabari is a 6’8″ small forward/power forward for the Bucks. He has been a crucial asset of a team looking to compete on a higher level. It gets even better with “Greek-Freak” team-mate Giannis Antetokounmpo by his side.

The two young stars have paired as one of the most historic young duo’s in history.

Jabari has upped his points per game from 12.3 to 14.1 to where it stands currently at 20.1. The former second-overall pick was always knows as the more “NBA ready” between Andrew Wiggins (first-overall in the 2014 draft) and himself. It is unfortunate because though he may of been “more” ready, he hasn’t been able to really launch his career. Jabari graduated from Simeon Career Academy in Chicago, Illinois.

I stumbled upon this extremely haunting tweet about the three best players that graduated from Parker’s alma mater.

*On a total side-note, ESPN’s 30-for-30 documentary, “Benji,” which features the seventeen year-old prospect Wilson, is a must-see if you haven’t yet*

Parker was attempting to get to the rim using his left hand, and as he tried to elevate he was bumped by Luke Babbitt, which is when he re-planted his left leg. As soon as his foot plants again and pushes you can see his knee absolutely buckle. The injury came in a 109-97 loss to the Miami Heat on Feb. 8th, 2017. See the injury here.

Jabari Parker has a world’s worth of talent, although he is at a crossroads. If he can not string together a few healthy years here, he may draw plenty of comparisons to former Trail-Blazer SG Brandon Roy.

On the other hand, he has a ton of potential. If he can string together some healthy seasons, he could play himself into several all-star games for years to come. Milwuakee’s growth relies on their extremely-talented youth. For a team that has had some tough years, they have a bright future, and so does Jabari.

Here’s to hoping and wishing a young talent get to continue to rise.

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