J.J. Redick has signed a one-year, $23 million deal with the Philadelphia 76ers. After being a starter for the Los Angeles Clippers for the past four seasons, he now has a new home. He is joining a very young and athletic roster, which is in desperate need of shooting and veterans and Redick helps in both aforementioned areas. He will most likely be a starter for the 76ers and should fit in great along side the young talent they already boast.

What Philadelphia is getting in the acquisition of Redick is a smaller shooting guard, capable of scoring from near anywhere on the court. At 6-foot-4 he has a clear disadvantage against some of the bigger guards on the defensive end. He does however make up for that with his tremendous shooting ability from three and mid-range, he is also one of the best, most consistent players from the foul line, hitting over 89-percent of his free throws last season.

With the NBA being as shooting-orientated as it is today, J.J. Redick was a prime target for many teams. This is why he got paid upwards of 20 million dollars. It was reported that he was wanting a multi-year contract, but after signing he said he wanted to be with the Sixers, so that must have changed his mind.

His meeting with Philadelphia on July 1st was the only one he had and seemingly the only one he needed to make up his mind. There were plenty of teams interested, but clearly Redick knew where he wanted to be.

The NBA has been full of big moves already this off-season, this one being no exception. It will be interesting to see Redick around a young core rather than the veteran Clippers. With Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz, and of course now J.J Redick all making their Sixers debut next year, it will be a completely different team. Are they playoff bound? It is way to early to tell, but Joel Embiid is certainly optimistic.

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