In possibly the biggest understatement of the year, Seth Curry has been pretty good since the All-Star break. His emphatic emergence has seen him receive a lot of praise, and amongst all the superlatives thrown his way, he’s beginning to attract comparisons between his record-breaking brother Stephen Curry. Steph is currently the reigning MVP, 4-time All-Star, and an NBA champion.

Had anyone even uttered the idea of comparing the Curry brothers prior to this season, the preposterous claim would have been laughed off. However, Seth has found a home with the Dallas Mavericks after bouncing from franchise-to-franchise for the entirety of his professional career, and he’s beginning to settle into a rhythm. A rhythm that is very hard to ignore, in fact.

Dallas encountered a disastrous start to the season. Their roster was marred with injuries to an abundance of key players, and they duly faltered to an early 10-24 record heading into January. Although, their fortunes were about to take an unsuspecting turn, and this is partly down to their off-season pick-up, Steph Curry’s little brother, Seth.

Since January, the Mavericks have a record of 17-12, accumulating some huge victories against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Washington Wizards and the San Antonio Spurs in the process, and since the All-Star game, they boast a winning 5-2 record.

During this 7-game stretch, Curry has been particularly impressive, notching 22.5 points, 3.2 assists and 1.4 steals per contest, while shooting a robust 57.8-percent clip from the field and 53.3-percent from three. These immensely efficient numbers have seen Dallas go on a 3-game winning streak, as they continue their surge for a potential playoff berth.

Steph on the other hand, has been on a bit of a slump, as his Golden State Warriors have meandered along since the mid-way point of this NBA season. This, undoubtedly, caused by the untimely injury suffered to Kevin Durant, on February 28th.

Despite breaking into the NBA’s top 10 for career three-pointers made against the New York Knicks on Sunday, the Warriors guard has struggled from beyond the arc recently, while his brother has flourished. Over the last seven, the reigning MVP has gone 26-for-79 from three (32.9%), including an 0-for-11 3-PT performance against the Philadelphia 76ers, while his brother has gone 24-for-45. While Steph has certainly taken more shots from outside, his brother has knocked almost as many down in a lot less attempts.

While the Davidson product has been averaging more points per contest over this 7-game stretch (26.2), his brother has been far more efficient. Golden State currently boasts an equal record over their last seven at 5-2. With a significantly worse roster at his disposal, the brother of the NBA’s best shooter is starting to rise from the shadows.

Now that the undrafted Duke product has a home in Dallas and is seeing more of the ball, he can really begin to establish himself as one of the league’s best sharp shooters, along with his brother. And with Mavericks owner Mark Cuban giving Seth the seal of approval, Dallas fans have a lot to look forward to from their new scoring sensation.

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