Andrew Wiggins has been a shining star for Minnesota Timberwolves since he found his way to there back in 2014. But how will he fare in the 2017-2018 season? Hoops Nation may have the answers…

Andrew Wiggins is now entering his third official NBA season and has many heads turning. After signing a big contract extension with the Timberwolves over the offseason, he is expected by many Timberwolves fans to have an incredible year. Though he has had some trouble with his defensive game, Wiggins’ scoring ability has been on fire.

Last year alone, Wiggins averaged 20.7 points per game while shooting around 46 percent from the floor. Wiggins is, no doubt, a scorer at heart and those numbers are almost sure to go up, possibly in the 23-to-24-point mark next season. Wiggins not only shoots well when open, he also can explode into the paint and finish with excellence. With Wiggins finding his way into the paint so much, he often draws many fouls, which turn into easy points for the Timberwolves as Wiggins shoots at a high rate from the stripe.

One part of his shooting Wiggins did struggle with last year was his long-range shooting. Last year, Wiggins shot an even 30 percent from the three-point line, which Wiggins needs to improve in order for him to expand his game. For the potential Wiggins possesses, he should be shooting at a higher mark than what he currently is, and it seems almost inevitable that he will improve as time goes on.

Another aspect of his game that Wiggins can improve is his size. Wiggins may have highlight after highlight of him posterizing helpless defenders, but in 8 out of 10 of those plays, Wiggins often struggles getting to the basket as a result of him being muscled around by bigger players. Wiggins currently stands at 6’8′ and 199 pounds and is looking to become more toned and muscular before the season starts. If Wiggins can accomplish this, it will ultimately result in being able to take more contact and getting to the rim more easily then before.

The third key for Andrew Wiggins this year is his defense. Wiggins often starts off a defensive possession well, but ultimately finds that the player he is guarding blows past him and beats him to the rim. He often allows a shooter to have much more space that what should be allowed and as a result, the shooter will often drain the wide-open shot. Wiggins also often allows his man to get down the floor and set up their offense before he can even make it to his spot in order to play proper defense. Wiggins can be expected to play defense at a higher level this year as through experience comes triumph. Wiggins should hopefully be able to have no problems shutting down shooters and other offensive players this year.

Overall, Wiggins should be expected to drop around 22 points this year, somewhat close to last year’s numbers. There probably won’t be a drastic change in his points, as he will probably be the third option for the Timberwolves, with Jimmy Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns being the first two. Regardless, Wiggins seems set for a humongous season and Minnesota fans should be every bit excited about this young star.

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