Many basketball players around the world dream of playing professional basketball. Another dream for some is for the chance to own a basketball company that helps hundreds of basketball players around the globe improve their game. One certain player has accomplished both dreams and his name is Mike Kaufman, the owner of basketball company “Better Bounce”.

Mike Kaufman was born in the city of Boca Raton, Florida located in Palm Beach County. Kaufman first played basketball at the age of 9 and fell in love with the game. His obsession with the art of dunking often led to the purchasing of every available dunking technique video he could get his hands on. For Kaufman, his dunking aspirations were hindered because of his height. Though he wasn’t considered short to the average human, Kaufman stood at 6’1″ and was considerably shorter than the average dunker.

When Kaufman finally found his way to high school, he learned that shooting was his strongest asset. He shot at elite rates throughout his high school career and during his senior year, he turned his focus towards playing college basketball. After graduating from American Heritage High School, Kaufman went on to play four years of basketball for Lesley University in Cambridge, MA where he held the position of team captain for two years.

While at the university, Kaufman set two records, one for most three-pointers made in one game and the other for the best single-season three-point percentage at 44.5%. In 2014, Kaufman was also selected to be a finalist to be the State Farm Dark Horse Dunker in the 2014 ESPN college dunk contest.

After graduating from Lesley University with a business management and psychology degree, Kaufman pursued a basketball career overseas. Kaufman played two seasons in the Israeli National Basketball League for Maccabi Hod Hasharon and Elizur Ashkelon, fulfilling his dream of playing professional basketball.

After finishing the two seasons overseas, Kaufman returned to the United States to pursue other endeavors. Since moving to New York City, Kaufman has had some incredible experiences, such as playing with the Harlem Wizards and even being featured in two Google commercials.

It was during his time in Israel that Kaufman first had the idea of Better Bounce. Back in New York, Kaufman worked to jumpstart his new venture and it seemingly took off. In just a few short years, Better Bounce has solidified itself as a basketball lifestyle that specializes in workout programs to help athletes improve their vertical, overall athleticism, and provide multiple aspects to perform well on the court. Better Bounce has around 14,000 followers on Instagram and has users in the United States, Israel, India, Africa, Indonesia, Brazil, and Australia.

Kaufman says he plans to grow Better Bounce as an elite basketball program for all athletes looking to improve in the season.

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