Just outside of Washington DC, if you look hard enough, you can find a talented point guard wearing a Liberty High School basketball jersey. His name is Christian Reames.

Christian started out as so many successful players before him do, at an early age. He grew up in a basketball family, with his father teaching him the vital fundamentals of the game. Reames also explained in an exclusive HoopsNation interview that when he and his brother played in their backyard court, the games would often last for hours and at times, would get rather chippy. As Reames began to advance in skill level, so did his coaches. Christian said that various coaches around Virginia have worked hand in hand with him to help build up his skill and untap his potential.

When Reames was in seventh grade he began to take basketball more seriously and focused heavily on improving his game. From then on, Christian only got better, even scoring a career high, 28, for Liberty High School.

“In 7th grade I decided that I wanted to play basketball at college and I was going to see that through,” Reames explained while talking with HoopsNation staff writer Tye Hooker. “I would say Kobe Bryant (as a role model) is a player that has really affected me in terms of his passion and work ethic, it’s made me want to work harder because it helped me realise that you have to spend countless hours in the gym to be successful,” he continued.

Christian “definitely considers” himself a pass-first style point guard who loves to get his teammates involved in the game, a dying breed of guard that draws a refreshing breath of fresh air. Christian is a dynamic player who can not only pass the ball, but can also knock down the open jumper when the opportunity arises. He can not only do all these things, but he also boasts good leadership qualities and can lead his team by example.

But the court or the gym aren’t the only places that Christian strives to be the best and puts an admirable amount of work into. He puts a lot of time into the classroom, too.

“I also keep the classroom my main priority as I have a 3.3 GPA,” the point guard rationalized. “When I’m not on the court or at school, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and I take the time to volunteer in my community by doing various things outside of basketball.”

The option of playing college basketball is thumping at Christian’s door, but he doesn’t want to rush anything just yet. “I am currently uncommitted and I don’t plan to commit until my senior year of basketball is over just to keep all options on the table.” A level head on very expectation-heavy shoulders, Reames seems as composed about his future within the game as anyone, focusing on the next step and not what’s on the distant horizon. His goals after graduating from high school are fairly straightforward: “Play college basketball and get a degree.

The future seems bright for this talented, 6’0”, 175 pound high school point guard. You may not know the name Christian Reames now but soon, it seems, you will.

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